Strong cryptography is a core tool in ensuring confidentiality of communications online by preventing both eavesdropping and ubiquitous surveillance. Public key cryptography is an advanced form of strong cryptography best suited to personal communications because of its simplicity, wealth of features and the wide range of software that supports it. These features include the ability to

  • Encrypt a message/document that can only be read by a single recipient without you ever having met that person.
  • Encrypt a message/document so that only a list of people you nominate can read it and nobody else.
  • Sign a message/document so that anyone can prove that it must have come from you.
  • Check that person who claims to have sent a message is the person that has

PGP was the first form of public key cryptography that was made widely available rather restricted to military use. To use it you create a pair of keys, one which you keep private on your computer and one which you publish on a PGP keyserver for anyone to discover.

Most PGP keyservers are operated on a “best efforts” basis by volunteers, but here at InternetNZ we think NZ needs something better and so we operate a reliable, free and fully supported PGP keyserver. We’ve put a lot of investment into this server and will continue to develop it as a service that NZ can rely on.

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