To become a registrar you must first apply to Domain Name Commission Ltd (DNC) to become an Authorised Registrar. DNC is responsible for authorising entities to become .nz registrars.

Further information on the application process can be obtained by visiting the DNC website: F.A.Q. for Registrars.

Connection Agreement

When the Domain Name Commission Ltd has approved a Registrar Authorisation application they will notify us and the registrar may then apply using the CON1 Form for access to the SRS system.

Form CON1 requires:

  • Affirmation that the Domain Name Commission Ltd has approved the organisation as an Authorised Registrar.
  • Two signed copies of the .nz Connection Agreement
  • Account payment details (please see SRS billing and payment for more information)
  • Agreement that any anomaly that is material to the registry or any other stakeholder is reported to us in a timely fashion.
  • Registrar name, web address, and contact details including Public, SRS, Technical and Billing.
  • A soft copy of the Registrar Public Encryption Key sent to as an attachment.

Once we receive the CON1 application we will contact the Domain Name Commission to ensure that the organisation has been approved as an authorised registrar. When that has been confirmed we will liaise with the technical contact of the registrar and connect the registrar to the SRS test platform to allow them to develop their interface with the SRS.

Connection to SRS

Client Development

While we provide tools in the Registrar Information Kit (RIK) to help registrars establish a connection via the SRS protocol, it is the responsibility of registrars to develop their own client application that will interface with the registry using the SRS protocol. A registrar may opt to develop their application to conform to the SRS specification without the use of the RIK.

During client development, the registrar will have access to the SRS test environment where the registrar may test the operation of their software to verify the correct handling of SRS commands and their responses. Operations performed in the SRS test environment will not be charged and will not have any impact on the production SRS. Registrars will continue to have access to the SRS test environment after connection to production so that they may continue to test their software systems.

Operational Testing and Evaluation

Before we grant access to the production systems of the registry, the registrar must demonstrate to us:

  • Their comprehension and understanding of the SRS.
  • That their interface with our systems works correctly.
  • Their ability to execute all the SRS transactions.

Detailed technical requirements will be provided to the technical contact of the Authorised Registrar when they are connected to the Test System. These will include:

  • SRS test server information for registrar client testing.
  • Instructions on where to download the Registrar Information Kit (RIK).
  • Instructions on where to download the SRS protocol specifications.
  • Instructions on how to proceed with the operational testing and evaluation process.
  • Documentation that will explain the tests to be performed during operational testing and evaluation.

The operational testing and evaluation process is:

  1. The Registry connects the Registrar to the SRS Test platform to allow them to develop their interface with the SRS.
  2. Registrar tests their interface against the SRS Test platform.
  3. Registrar advises the Registry that their testing is complete.
  4. The Registry assesses the Registrars comprehension and understanding of the SRS and confirms that the Registrar is able to execute all the SRS transactions.
  5. Once we are satisfied, we will issue the information required to access the production system to the named technical contact and notify the Domain Name Commission.
  6. Registrars will not be limited in the number of attempts at operational testing and evaluation.


Registrars may be asked to demonstrate that they meet our requirements at any time. If registrars fail to meet these requirements, registrar access to SRS may be suspended or terminated at our sole discretion.

Connection Forms and Agreements

Feb 28, 2018

This policy details the process that Authorised Registrars must follow in order to access the shared registry system (“SRS”), as per the Connection Agreement.

Feb 23, 2018

This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions relating to your arrangement with InternetNZ as an authorised .nz registrar.

Feb 23, 2018

Application form that is required to be completed by authorised registrars prior to being connected to the .nz Registry.