A major selling point of the service we provide to registrars is our Registrar Portal. This is a private system that gives you access to a range of data to help you manage your business and a waelth of insights to help you expand and improve your business. The features include:

Key features include:

  • Clear time-series visualisations that reveal historic trends.
  • Data download available on every page.
  • Help/Training videos available on every page.

The data and insights include:

  • All your invoice totals on one page and download copy invoices and the billed transactions behind them.
  • All your transaction details (domains won and lost, growth, renewals) presented in a meaningful that lets you quickly understand your performance relative to other registrars.
  • See who your main competitors are with a one page view of which registrars you’ve gained domains from and which you’ve lost to.
  • Unique to InternetNZ is the Opportunities section where we provide lists of your existing registrants that you can upsell new domains to, based on our data analytics algorithms.
  • Any problems wth the quality of registrant data that would make it non-compliant with policy, as detected by our automated data scanners
  • Threat intelligence data sourced from reputable external sources that identifies in real time any domains you have under management that are phishing domains or are hosting malware.
  • Full details of every EPP/SRS error that are easily searchable and with clear charts of the history of all errors.
  • Unique to InternetNZ is the Zone Scan page where we provide you with the results of our monthly scan of the .nz register and list the DNS errors that we found.
  • And of course, a full list of all your domains under management.

Our Registrar Portal is key to our serice for registrars and we continue to invest in new features. In particular the outputs of our Technical Research team are built into the portal (such as the Zone Scan) to provide you deeper insight into your customers and your business with us.

The Registrar Portal is available for registered users via https://registrars.internetnz.nz.