At their meeting on Friday 17 August, the InternetNZ Council approved the creation of a new second level .nz domain -

This is only the first step however, as to finally “go live” as a new second level, a threshold of 500 registrations has to be achieved within a month of when registrations start being taken. Under the current policy, provisional registrations must start being taken within a month of the Council’s decision. The details around the provisional registration period are detailed in the Second Level Domains Policy ( The relevant sections are copied below. marks the first time we have worked through this version of the 2LD policy in creating a new, open second level.

Provisional registrations will commence at 10am on Tuesday 11 September 2012. There will be an outage prior to this to prepare the SRS for

NZRS have developed processes at the registry end to manage provisional registrations meaning registrars submit registrations in their usual way. There are some things that registrars need to be aware of however.

During the provisional registration phase, domain names:

  • Can only be registered for a maximum term of three months;
  • Will be recorded on the register with all applicable details, as for any other domain name;
  • Will be locked after registration to prevent any changes being made to the record;
  • Will not be delegated to the DNS.

Given this approach varies from usual domain name registrations, registrars will need to have specific terms and conditions to cover the provisional registrations. A draft set of terms and conditions that registrars might want to use to cover these specific registrations has been emailed out. If you use these, please ensure you complete the appropriate areas to reflect how you plan to operate.

You do not need to use these but if you choose not to please ensure that you cover off the term that will apply for your registrations, how much you will charge, whether you will or won’t refund if the threshold is not met, and that the registrant understands the conditions under which they are seeking a domain name at this time.

You will need to advise DNCL of the terms and conditions that you propose to use. Please email these to or provide a link if they are located on your website.

Registrars will be notified by NZRS when the registration threshold has been met and declared active. At that time, domain names registered will be unlocked and delegated to the DNS. Registrars will then be able to offer registrations in in the same way as their usual domain name registrations. If the threshold of 500 registrations is not met within a month of the commencement of the provisional registration period, the domain will not be created and all names provisionally registered will be cancelled. No refund of registration fees paid will be made to registrars in this situation.

If you have any questions about any aspect of this please email us. We hope that registrars will contact their existing customers to advise them of this new .nz domain name opportunity.