During recent weeks, NZRS has achieved several milestones towards the
implementation of DNSSEC in the .nz zone:

DNSSEC High Level Architecture
We have published the “DNSSEC High Level Architecture” document which
describes the technical architecture to be used to sign .nz and the
second level zones.

** DNSSEC Practice Statement**
We have published the “DNSSEC Practice Statement” document, detailing
the practices and operational procedures to be used in the implementation
of DNSSEC for the .nz and second level zones under .nz.

SRS Accepts DS Records
Following the SRS release 5.11 on Monday 23 May, the SRS will start to
accept DS records for any domain name, but they will not be included
as zone data until the corresponding parent zone is signed.
A timetable for the signing of the .nz zones is planned for release
by August of this year.