Announcement by Anne Urlwin - Chairman NZ Registry Services:

Nick Griffin has advised that he will be leaving the company after 6 1/2 years. His departure date is the end of January 2009, but he has agreed to the Board’s request that he will continue to be available, if required, to assist in the transition over the months of February and March.

Nick has led the company from its inception, through to it becoming a very stable supplier of key infrastructure to New Zealand.

During the early days of the company, Nick was heavily involved in the setting up of the company, the implementation of the Shared Registry System (SRS) and the transfer of the registry. Since those early days, Nick has worked tirelessly leading his team and suppliers to continually improve the SRS and DNS, this has resulted in the very impressive systems stability, availability and response times that we have recorded across his term of leadership.

Some of the key measures that NZRS has achieved under Nick’s guidance include:

  • NZRS has achieved the highest levels of System Performance and System Availability for the SRS and DNS.
  • Customer Satisfaction levels over 95%
  • The implementation of robust Business Continuity processes and procedures that are ingrained into the day to day operation.
  • Impressive financial results: including growing revenues, managed expenses and increasing dividends. These results can be seen on the NZRS website and the NZRS Annual Reports.