NZRS is pleased to advise that it has added the support of IPv6 glue records to the Shared Registry System (SRS) and DNS. The adoption of IPv6 Glue will bring benefits to the registry in that it will allow for registrants who wish, to start investing in IPv6 technology.

Registrars are now able to provide IPv6 Glue records to the SRS, and this information will be included in the zone files output from the SRS. Note. AAAA (and not A6) records will be published in the zone files.

In order to allow for IPv6 Glue records, the SRS will accept an additional field (IP6Addr) in the definition of a nameserver. It is not a mandatory field. NOTE. If IP addresses are required, there MUST be an IPv4 address provided, not just an IPv6 address.

The enablement of IPv6 is one of the strategic programs that NZRS is undertaking across the next 2 years.